Got the D300!!!

February 9, 2009

Wohoooo!!!! Hurra eBay!


Wishes start changing…

January 30, 2009










Baby on the way… so is the trolley.

Directly from Holland

The Nikon is still in stand-by (not for long I hope)

My new wish…

August 15, 2008

This time I want to do it right.

I started a photography course before I jump into buying this toy. I hope to learn enough to take profit when I finally get it.

Looking forward!!!

My new homemates

August 15, 2008






I’ll promise to post real photos when they start running around a bit less and I can make a decent picture.

This time I won!

June 20, 2008

I was very sad yesterday cause I didn’t win the auction for the Eames chairs so to ease my frustration I went shopping for more. I found this nice sofa (wich I already have in beige) and decided to get it. This time I really wanted to get it and I was willing to pay the price. Of course the price was was not comparable to the chairs so I was in advantage. I suffered for some minutes this morning but I finally got it!

So now I will replace my old beige sofa for this old braun sofa. I think I made a good deal getting it for 250 euros. It’s not a Maralunga but the time will come… (by the way, does anywone want to buy a sofa just like this but in beige?)

And now I will tell you my secret…

I’m still sad cause Portugal lost against Germany though, but now I have a new sofa. Nothing like going shopping to make a girl happy again.

I couldn’t help it…

June 17, 2008








but to place a bid on this lot.

Wish me luck! (I’m not telling you where until I get it)

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Vico Magistretti’s “Maralunga” for Cassina – 1973


Spring is coming

April 25, 2008

H. Altorfer Garten Chair – 1949

Design can be timeless

April 11, 2008

Don’t know why but I always thought it was a portuguese brand. Bic laranja bic cristal, escrita fina escrita normal…

Design can be fun

April 11, 2008


Michael Sans says the cuckoo died from natural causes in 1958

We even forget how bad their perfumes smell… they really rock when it comes to advertisement!

Subwoofers… woof, woof!