This time I won!

June 20, 2008

I was very sad yesterday cause I didn’t win the auction for the Eames chairs so to ease my frustration I went shopping for more. I found this nice sofa (wich I already have in beige) and decided to get it. This time I really wanted to get it and I was willing to pay the price. Of course the price was was not comparable to the chairs so I was in advantage. I suffered for some minutes this morning but I finally got it!

So now I will replace my old beige sofa for this old braun sofa. I think I made a good deal getting it for 250 euros. It’s not a Maralunga but the time will come… (by the way, does anywone want to buy a sofa just like this but in beige?)

And now I will tell you my secret…

I’m still sad cause Portugal lost against Germany though, but now I have a new sofa. Nothing like going shopping to make a girl happy again.


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